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Is Ignition Poker Rigged?

Having played on Ignition Poker for the last two years I can tell you it is most certainly not rigged. It always baffles me when people say this only because they’re not very good at poker. Its usually that or they simply cannot take a loss and move on. I have personally had numerous cash outs since playing on here, and consider myself a regular mid stakes player. Nowadays I play mostly on my phone for sessions lasting anywhere from 15-45 minutes at a time. As we get into some of the benefits to playing on here you can learn more about there mobile poker app here.

As of right now Ignition is the highest traffic site in the US. They provide a wide list of cash games, sit n go’s, and multi table tournaments. Some of the biggest tournaments happen on weekends such as the $100k guaranteed and $250k guaranteed. I’m mostly a cash game player, but I still occasionally play in a big tournament every once in awhile.

So back to our main point here being if Ignition Poker is rigged or not. I would be lying to myself if I didn’t admit I’ve taken some sick beats on more than one occasion. I also know I’ve given some sick beats as well. Having cashed out dozens of times on here I have no reason to believe Ignition would cheat anyone.

One of my biggest cash outs happened recently on a 2nd place 25k guaranteed. This paid a cool $3800 for about 6 hours of work. If you do end up winning cash outs take less than 48 hours to receive via Bitcoin, or you can opt in for a check that takes around 5 business days.

With some closing comments for anyone wanting to know if Ignition Poker is rigged all I can tell you is it wouldn’t make sense. It would be bad business for a poker site to steal someones money when they make enough off the rake. The rake is a small portion taken out of each hand that’s played in the background. This is essentially how poker sites make there money. With all that said I would highly recommend signing up with them since they also have some of the best software for playing real money games on your phone.

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