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NordVPN Review

If your not currently using a vpn you definitely should be. I can tell from personal experience they’re awesome for keeping you protected at all times. Our top recommendation which I have been subscribed to now for the last year and a half is NordVPN. They are currently ranked the 2nd most popular vpn service on the internet but my current favorite. They have a very user friendly platform for connecting anywhere in the world, and also a great mobile app for both android / ios. We will have some video below showing how this service works as we go over some of the benefits to using them.

For anyone wondering if NordVPN is legit they have been operating since 2012 and service over 1 million people. Obviously they have impressive credentials, but what really makes them awesome is there platform. Once subscribed and logged in you will be able to connect to any location in the world. They have over 5000 servers in 62 countries you can connect too with the click of a button.

Whether your on a pc, mac, laptop, or your phone everything works the same. My favorite thing about using Nord is the map feature which shows you locations across the world. You can choose to use the map or browse locations by alphabetical order. Out of every vpn service I have used NordVPN is the only one with a built in map feature which is something I need to point out.

Another reason NordVPN is absolutely legit is the fact they have so many security protocols in place. If your worried about someone picking up your ip address they use tunneling software which redirects anyone trying to pinpoint you. They also have military security encryption for each user as well.

With some closing comments on if NordVPN is legit I don’t think you can find better. I have tried at least 5 different vpn services that couldn’t even come close to Nord. Subscribing to them costs roughly the same as a Netflix subscription at $12. You can get started here.

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