JYDGE App Review

The new JYDGE App is masterpiece. This is a futuristic third person shooting game from the makers of Neon Chrome. It is level based with over 18 missions total all of which you can play on different difficulty settings. You will also have the option for weapon upgrades and other cool mods. We will have some live video on this app below, and also be going over some of the other awesome things this game has to offer.

The JYDGE App is filled with beautifully rendered environments. Each level starts off with you getting out of your futuristic flying car which is where the fun begins. This game also has a some what Judge Dredd theme to it for anyone who has watched the movies. In each mission you basically kill the bad guys, and then proceed to rescue any hostages. At this point you move onto the next level.

One of the coolest things about the JYDGE AppĀ is obviously the great action. You have the option for different weapon upgrades, character enhancements, and lots of different configurations. You will be able to unlock these the farther you get into the game, but when it comes to blood splattering kills this game is quite excellent.

With some closing comments on our JYDGE App review we absolutely think this game is a big win. Its becoming one of my favorite new third person shooting games to be released this year and also quite addictive. With some great action, over 18 missions to play through, and lots of upgrades this is a must get. The game currently hovers at around $6 to download, but its absolutely worth the price of admission!

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