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Online Poker Downswings – How To Deal With Them

by edward

Poker is an unforgiving game. You may win two big pots in a row, but in the very next hand, you could lose three or four. Online poker is even less forgiving. As a result, long downswings are going to happen.

Play online poker to improve your overall game? Most likely, the answer is yes. There are a lot of advantages to playing online poker compared to live poker, which we’ll discuss later in this article. But why should you play online poker in the first place? Most players consider online poker to be the best way to improve their poker skills since they can easily track their performance and use software tools to help them hone their skills.

As poker players, we spend far too much time trying to keep up with the latest strategy ideas and methods that we forget that the ability to maintain our wits about us through the tough moments is what will really benefit our win rate the most. Most players who start online poker will experience a very frustrating downswing.

These days of doing no wrong at the tables and suddenly getting everything wrong can lead to some very dark times. However, it is important to not let them get you too down, and here is some advice on how you can do this.

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Benefits Of Playing Online Poker

Because poker is both a skill and a luck game, there will be moments when you’re on a winning streak and other times when you feel like you can’t win a hand. The benefits of playing online poker are numerous:

1. Convenience

The good part about online poker is that you don’t have to leave your house to play. Instead, you can play from your computer, tablet or mobile phone at any time of day or night. In addition, if you have an Internet connection, you can access all the games you want without traveling anywhere.

2. Multi-tables option

Online poker also offers more action than live games because there are more players at one time playing different tables. This means more opportunities for well-rounded opponents who may not be as skilled as the pros yet still provide enough of fun and challenge. In addition, you can place many bets at once, and even if you lose at one table, you can recover your losses by winning at another.

3. Opponents’ Inability to Read Your Poker Tells

By offering ‘tells,’ most players expose a lot about their poker faces. Your behaviors can unknowingly tell a lot about you, such as how you physically bet, breathe, talk, handle cards, bluff, and respond to certain situations.

However, if you play poker online from the comfort of your own home, these characteristics vanish, removing a potential disadvantage you could have had in a live poker game.

5 Tips for Dealing with Long Downswings

Online Poker Downswings

You do not influence whether or not you will be fortunate on any particular day. But you have control over how you react to those bad beats and long downswings. So here are a few tips put together for dealing with them:

Tip 1. Don’t blame yourself for bad luck or misplayed hands. It happens to just about everyone, no matter how good they are at poker.

Tip 2. Take breaks from playing if it gets too frustrating for you – but don’t give up! Sometimes, a little break from playing is all it takes for your head to clear and for your mind to come back fresh and ready to grind again.

Tip 3. Don’t let other players get into your head – especially if they’re trying to make you tilt by making rude comments or trash-talking while losing money themselves! You don’t want to be rated like everyone else, so keep doing what you’re doing and performing your best!

Tip 4. If playing tight isn’t working for you anymore, consider loosening up your play and experimenting with other styles. For example, if you’ve been playing tight aggressively but have been getting outdrawn too often lately, consider switching to a more balanced approach that includes more bluffing opportunities and tighter hands.

Tip 5. Another option is to move down in stakes until you start winning again and then slowly move back up until you find your comfort zone again (or even beyond).

Top 3 Online Poker Sites Right Now

1. Ignition Poker 

There is virtually no better poker site for casual players searching for high-octane card action than Ignition Poker. Despite its youth, it is now one of the most popular poker sites, with thousands of primarily amateur players active at any given time.

One of the main reasons Ignition became instant popularity with passionate poker players is that it acquired its poker room — as well as its player base — from Bovada, one of the most well-known names in online gambling. In its six years on the gambling scene, Ignition even outperformed this industry behemoth. You can get started on Ignition Poker here.


  • Players with the most traffic
  • The brand with a long history
  • There are numerous tournaments held every day.
  • Non-professional players are protected.
  • They offer Bonuses with the highest value (up to $1,500)
  • All gadgets are compatible.


  • There is no official Rakeback

2. Bovada Poker

Bovada, like Ignition, aims to provide a level playing field for recreational poker players. It uses the same anonymous games to make it harder for pros to use long-term analytical tools or even table selection to target weak and new users.

The software it employs is cutting-edge, with features such as rapid seating. A few years ago, it had minor troubles with major crashes and other issues interfering with gameplay, but these concerns have since been resolved. The events on hand are also top-notch, with the Monthly Milly taking place on a random Sunday each month and features a — you got it — one-million-dollar GTD, the most notable. Omaha tournaments are available in addition to usual Texas Hold’em tournaments. You can get started on Bovada here.


  • Cutting-edge user interface
  • A large number of players
  • There’s an online casino, sportsbook, racebook, and poker platform.
  • Monthly income of $1 million Milly Tournament


  • VIP benefits are limited

3. Americas Cardroom 

Americas Cardroom, also known as ACR, is one of the most popular online poker rooms today, with a player base akin to Ignition. However, the competition is stiff because the site permits players to employ tracking software, HUDs, and other pro-player poker tools.

You can also personalize your tables here, adding to the interface’s uniqueness. It’s wonderful to have the ability to alter the landscape from time to time, even if it doesn’t improve the overall experience. You can get started on Americas Cardroom here.


  • a large number of players
  • Poker bonus of up to $2,000
  • Accepts almost 30 different cryptocurrencies
  • A fantastic user interface


  • There isn’t a lot of high-stakes action

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Final Thoughts

We all experience setbacks in our lives, such as losing a job, being divorced, or being diagnosed with a major illness. However, we also deal with much less serious issues such as a screaming baby on the subway, a stubbed toe, or rain on vacation.

The only difference between us is how we react to these occurrences. Some people regard these things as minor stumbling blocks or as growth opportunities. On the other hand, many others see them as crippling tragedies that ruin their day, week, year, or even life.

Poker is an ego-driven, highly emotional game. If you want to make a living at poker, you must be able to deal with poker downswings, avoid becoming tilted, and maintain a good life balance. I advocate using the suggestions in this article, improving your mental game in general, and being prepared for downswings.


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