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Pansonite VR Headset Review

For all you hardcore mobile gamers / 3d movie watchers the Pansonite VR Headset is pretty awesome. In our review we will be going over the build, design, and overall usability of this cool vr headset. It will will perfectly with just about every iphone and android phone on the market. This goes for even the biggest phones such as any plus or note series mobile device. We also have some live video below of this headset in use.

1. The first thing we have to mention about the Pansonite VR Headset is that it comes in some great packaging. Out of the packaging you will have a full headset along with a controller. The headset has a great leather strap that rests easy on your head. The interior is also made of leather which makes it feel great for when its resting on your face. Inserting your phone is also easy simple as it latches open in the front. We do want to mention that you should take any phone case off however when you insert your phone. We found that it gave it a slightly tighter fit with any extra added bulk or weight.

2. Another great thing about this headset is that its super light weight which is extremely important. The reason for this is that you don’t want something heavy weighing down your head for long periods of time since it could end up hurting your neck. It is estimated to weigh exactly 2 pounds, but after some real life use I would put it at 1.8 ounces. It felt light as a feather even after using it for upwards of 20 minutes straight.

3. The Pansonite VR Headset is great for what it was made to do which is play games and watch 3d videos. The controller is also a great add on to this headset which makes it a great experience when your using it. There is also an attachment for plugging in your iphone / android phone to pick up any audio as well.

With some closing comments on our Pansonite VR Headset Review we absolute think this is a super fun accessory. It has a great build and design which is at the same time very light weight. The leather interior is great for when its resting on your eyes and ears. The remote is also a great add on as well with a price tag of around $40 this is a must get!

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