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Pictek Wireless Charger Review

The Pictek Wireless Charger has a super sleek design. It made a great first impression on me straight out of the packaging with a nice non slip pad, and a cool led light up for when its in charging mode. Its also super light weight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This makes it perfect to place on a nice desk, counter top, or night stand. We will have some live video on it below, and also be covering more of the benefits to using this charger as well.

1. The Pictek Wireless Charger has a smooth non slip pad for placing your phone onto. This basically means that it will keep your phone in place perfectly without having to worry about it slipping to the left or right. It also has nice rubber grippers on the bottom of it as well.

2. One of the coolest features to this accessory is the led light up that lights up when in charging mode. It looks really cool in a dark room, and also helps to let you know its on and working. As far as its size its small enough to fit in your palm and weighs 2.1 ounces. It also has a built in ic chip to prevent overheating for safety precautions.

3. The Pictek Wireless Charger will provide some lightning speed charging as well. Going from o to 100 takes no time at all, and with a price of under $15 you really can’t beat it. To top things off it also comes with a nice 1 year warranty.

With some closing comments on our Pictek Wireless Charger review we think its a big win. It has a very nice design to it with its non slip pad. It also lights up in white led, is very light weight, and small enough to fit in your hand. If your in need a great wireless and on a tight budget this is the one!

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