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Reed App Review

Reed is an awesome plat-former that is packed with over 60 different levels to play through. Being unsure of what the main character really is I have come to think of him as an alien cat. I know that may sound weird but it is exactly what he looks like. The whole plot to this game is that you are on a mission to collect every cube so that the world doesn’t end. While it may have a weird plot this game is extremely addictive. You can see some of our live video review below as we explore more of what this game is all about!

Reed is a beautifully done pixel art game with great looking graphics. That was the first thing I noticed after playing this game for just a few minutes. It also has a nice sound track that is not at all annoying making the overall game play experience much better.

This game also has over 60 different levels to play through. Once you get past the 6th level the difficulty definitely starts to pick up. I would have to say I also prefer this type of game to be a little more difficult since it presents more of a challenge as opposed to something easy. The controls in this game are also spot on for jumping and double jumping. I also like that the main character has some cat like acrobatic characteristics.

With some closing comments on our Reed app review we definitely think this game is worth a download. It has a beautiful pixel art theme, over 60 plus levels to play through, and easy to use controls. It also has a nice sound track that will change the more you progress through the game. I would have to say Reed is one of the best platform games we have seen released on ios this year!

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