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Sarki VR Headset Review

I was super excited to have the chance to check out the Sarki VR Headset. As soon as this arrived in the mail it made a great first impression on me being in some very nice packaging. I’m also starting to become a bit of a veteran when it comes to these types of accessories since I currently own about 6 of them. We will have some live video on it below you can check out, and also be going over some of the many benefits to using this headset as well.

1. The first thing you will notice about the Sarki VR Headset is that it has a great design. It comes with an easy to open slot for putting your phone in, an adjustable strap to fit your head, movable eye pieces, and of course some great facial cushioning. This is an extremely comfortable vr headset to use which is important since you will likely be using this for 15-20 minutes at a time.

2. It can also fit any phone that is currently being sold whether its a plus version or samsung note series. Sliding your phone into the opening slot is easy, and once shut will stay firmly inside. We even did a bit of a shake test to prove this fact.

3. The Sarki VR Headset also comes with a controller combo option. If you don’t currently have a controller from a previous headset than you will need to grab it especially if you plan to play vr games. The overall picture quality for seeing through the lenses is also top notch. You will also get some great sound quality for when you plug in your phone.

With some closing comments on our Sarki VR Headset review we absolutely think this is a big win. Its very comfortable to use for long periods of time, very light weight, has an adjustable headset, and an overall great design. The controller combo is also where its at if you plan to play vr games. Also don’t forget to watch our live video on it above as well.

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