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Should You Fold AK Preflop In 2022? – How Pros Do It

by edward

Poker is one of the best games to play, whether at an online betting platform or the offline/land-based variant. It is a game that requires skills, mastery of the gameplay, and above all – making huge decisions in the shortest time possible.

Folding the Ace-King (AK) Preflop is not one of the best ways to play your hand, especially when your “hand isn’t that strong in the game.” But it is not the end of the world because you can get better and fold your AK Preflop if you learn how to go about it.

In this article, we aim to do two things – to inspire you with ideas on how to fold your AK Preflop and how to avoid some mistakes while doing that.

Should You Fold AK Preflop in the First Place?

Agreed, AK Preflop is a strong hand in the game of poker. With the other opponent having a weaker hand, you stand a chance to win big at the end of the game. But if things don’t go as planned, you might just end up losing as much as you could have gained.

But is it wise to fold the AK Preflop in the first place? The decision to do that depends on which side of the table you are in. For example, players who are in a fix are usually those that hold a 3bet. In this case, they are unsure of whether to fold the AK Preflop or not because they are convinced that the opposite holds a stronger hand.

There is also the category of poker players who do not hesitate to fold the AK Preflop because of the belief that it is a “better and strong hand” to wager with when playing the game of poker.

Last but not least, experienced players do not fret when it comes to deciding for or against folding the AK Preflop. For this category of poker players, they understand the gameplay and look for important factors before deciding. Some of the factors they consider are the experience level of the opponent(s), the opponent’s stack size, and their position in the table.

Benefits to Playing AK Preflop

Here are some of the things you want to take some time to observe before folding your AK Preflop in 2022:

Should You Fold AK Preflop

1. What is the Size of the Stack?

The first thing you want to consider is the stack size. This has to do with the risk you are willing to take based on the stack you have. For example, if you are low-stacked, you might not mind going all-in with a wider range. Having more stacks tends to impress on you to have a tight risk management strategy while being strategic when playing your hand.

2. How does Your Opponent Play the Hand?

The other factor to consider is how the opponent plays the game. As much as you are ready to take on both experienced and amateur players, you also want to be strategic with playing your hand.

Consider folding your AK Preflop when the opponent has a very tight style, especially when using 3bets or 4bets.

There might also be varied opinions on this. Some players do not mind going for a 4 bet when they believe that they have a chance at outwitting a player with 3 bets in a late position.

That notwithstanding, don’t make the mistake of going for a call if the opponent has a 4 bet. More often than not, this could be a huge mistake, as the opponent might have a tight playing style.

3. Consider the Action on the Table

Away from the opponent’s playing style and the stack size – it is also pertinent to consider the action happening right in front of you. The best line of action is to call a 3 bet if your opponent has already opened. However, you don’t want to call a bet but instead, raise the Ace-King (AK) when none of the opponents opened the preflop.

You can 4 bet or call if the range of your opponent is wider. The hand of your AK should be folded if the opponent is consistent with raising the preflop. That is, if your opponent does more of 3 bets (raising and reraising the preflop), it is better to fold your hand. Also, you want to find out if the 3 betting is done via AA, QQ, and KK because those are the conditions for validating this opinion.

Cons to Playing AK Preflop

The number of times to fold the Ace-King (AK) depends on the factors mentioned above. There are no hard and fast rules here because the betting strategy of Player A might differ from that of Player B. What you want to do is to take the time to study the game and the opponents before making a decision.

Now, let us talk about some of the downsides or reasons why it might not be a good idea to fold your AK Preflop in 2022:

Should You Fold AK Preflop

1. It Could Be Difficult to Make a Decision

One of the downsides to folding AK Preflop is that it is not a “straight path,” as you tend to have some difficulties with making decisions.

For instance, you might want to give up the AK Preflop and fold when your opponent is a tight 3bets player. It is also worthy of folding the AK Preflop if the opponent has more stacks than you do.

Yet, there is confusion on whether not to go for a 4 bet, after you must have evaluated the playing style of the opponent.

2. Having an AK Preflop doesn’t Make You Unbeatable

Having the AK Preflop does not make you immune to being beaten in the game of poker. As much as it offers you a better chance at betting, it doesn’t mean you cannot be outwitted by your opponent. Therefore, always be on your guard and don’t fail to be strategic with your gameplay.

Should You Fold AK Preflop

3. AK doesn’t Guarantee 3 Bet all the Time

Ace King (AK) can often be used to make a good 3 bet but you may not be able to stretch your luck too far by playing it all the time.

The key to winning with this strategy is to either flat the Ace-King (AK) against Early Position (EP) opens or 3 bet it against the Late Position (LP) opens.

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Final Thoughts

Poker is both a game of chance and an interesting game to play. Folding your Ace king (AK) preflop should only be done after making the relevant considerations. If it appears to be a wrong move, consider going for a 3bet or 4bet as the case might be and see what your hand has to give at the end of the day.


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