Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Iphone X Case Review

The Spigen neo hybrid crystal iphone x case is very sleek and minimal with its clear design. Its yet another great look from the long list of cases currently offered from Spigen for the iphone x. The one thing that’s great about any clear case is that it allows you to see the beautiful apple logo on your iphone while still giving it some drop protection. We will be going over some of the other benefits on this case, but also have some live video below on it as well.


The Spigen neo hybrid crystal iphone x case currently comes in 3 different colors. You can get this one in satin silver, gunmetal, and gold. We chose to go with satin silver, but the only color difference you will find is on the outer bumper. Other than the bumper being a different color this case will still have a clear design. The bumper is removable and as far as the case its made with a strong pc material so its not at all flimsy or easy to bend.

This case is also completely wireless charging compatible. It also an easy to grip case for taking in and out of your pocket. As far as overall drop protection on the Spigen neo hybrid crystal iphone x case it gets the job done. It lips around the front of your iphone giving it some nice front facing protection, but also has your phone covered from every corner. With a price point of around $13 this is a great budget pick, and also comes with a nice 12 month warranty.

With some closing comments on our Spigen neo hybrid crystal iphone x case review we think this is a great clear case. Its light weight at around 1.1 ounces, comes with a nice removable bumper that’s available in 3 different colors, and will also provide some nice drop protection. If your looking for the perfect clear minimalist looking case this is the one.

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