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Tech Armor Lightning Earbuds Review

I was super excited to check out the Tech Armor Lightning Earbuds. They will work with any iphone currently, and give you the ability to charge your phone while using them. I had used them with an iphone x while working out and was extremely pleased on both the sound quality and comfortable fit they provided. You can check out some of our live video below on them as we highlight some of the many benefits to using them.

1. The Tech Armor Lightning Earbuds allow you to talk and charge at the same time. Whether your taking a phone call or listening to music they have a side port that allows you to charge your phone. They also come with inline audio controls to play, pause, music / video, and adjust your volume.

2. The overall design on these is impressive as well. The actual earbuds have a nice smooth matte finish to them, and a nice fit if you plan on using them to work out. They come with three different tip sizes to ensure a very comfortable fit. Having used them while jogging I had no issues with them popping off, and hardly noticed they were even in my ears since there super light weight at 2.2 ounces.

3. When it comes to sound quality they had some smooth audio play back. The have the perfect amount of loudness that is both clear and well-balanced. They also have tangle free wires which is another added bonus.

With some closing comments on our Tech Armor Lightning Earbuds review we think this is a really cool concept that paid off. They currently work with any iphone, have a very nice smooth matte finish design, great sound quality, and allow you to charge your iphone while using them. You can pick them up for around $49.99 here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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