The Scrungeon Depths App Review

The Scrungeon Depths is a super fun arcade style action game. After playing this game for about 2 minutes you will get the vibe of just how addicting it is. It is a level based game that is also never ending putting it in the highest score game category. We have some live game play on it below you can check out as well.

Scrungeon Depths as we already mentioned is a level based game with lots of ghouls, zombies, and strange looking monsters you must hack through. In each level there will be bombs placed throughout to help defeat these creatures. You will also need to destroy a certain amount of nests in each level in order to complete your mission.

There will be a map in the top right hand corner of the screen to help guide you to new monster and nests to destroy. The overall hacking and slashing of this game is what makes it so fun. It has lots of good blood splattering kills that will leave you wanting more and more.

Scrungeon Depths also has some very nice controls for moving around and attacking. It is enabled for using a controller as well if you have one handy. This game has been classified as an insane monster killing game which we would have to agree is pretty much true.

With some closing comments on our Scrungeon Depths app review we think its a great dungeon hack and slash action game. Its highly addictive for wanting to continue beating your last high score, and make it farther and farther down each dungeon level. Its also a strategic game that will make you choose certain paths in order to maneuver around hordes of monster enemies. We think this game is definitely worth a download if your into the dungeon genre.

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