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Top 3 Best Slot Machine Apps for Laptop – Lounge & Play

by edward

If you’re looking for some of the best slot machine apps to play on your laptop you’ve landed in the right place. Today more and more people are turning to online slot apps, and it’s easy to see why. With the possibility of real money payouts, and the convenience of playing on your phone, they’re an easy alternative to playing at the casino.

Best Laptop Casinos

  1. Ignition Casino – Claim Bonus
  2. Bovada Casino – Claim Bonus
  3. Slots lv Casino – Claim Bonus

If you do your research, it’s easy to find the best apps to play by examining their payback percentage, variance, and available jackpots. It’s also important to protect yourself against lesser sites which could lead to identity theft, lost winnings, or stolen funds. We’ve narrowed our favorites down to the top three apps and broken their stats down to the basics.

1. Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is a legitimate app with some of the most engaging game displays out there. You can play on the mobile app or directly from your browser, and it operates as a licensed casino with no restrictions. All games are based on Random Number Generators, and the powerful user interface guarantees no lags in gameplay. 777 Deluxe is one of the most visually striking slot games we’ve seen, and 21 Wilds is a slot experience based completely around blackjack. Either game leaves you eligible for their rewards program, which gifts players miles to advance through the 8 tiered system that rises from Steel to Diamond.

If you’re using Bitcoin to play, you’re in for an even better experience. There are no withdrawal fees on Bitcoin transactions, and while there’s an initial 48 hour processing period on your first deposit, you can then expect to receive your payouts within 15 minutes. The downside to playing with traditional banking cards is there’s a 5.9-9.9% withdrawal fee depending on your bank, and payouts by check can take 10-15 days to process.


2. Bovada Casino

Our next best slot machine app to play on your laptop is Bovada Casino. Bovada’s user interface is streamlined to allow easy, straightforward play. While they offer fewer slots than an average online casino, their list still contains nearly 100 options. Moreover, before creating an account you can test some slots out for free, which is a great, low-risk way to access the site and see what you’re getting into.

Over half of their list is comprised of progressive slot games, which means the game has some sort of jackpot. These “progressives” are listed from the website’s drop-down menu for easy navigation, but if you’re looking for name-brand games you’ll have to look elsewhere. Bovada’s rewards program also allows you to earn cash back on losses, and they have the same withdrawal fees and payout times as Ignition Casino.

3. Slots lv Casino

Successful engineers have secured smooth gameplay for Slots.lv, and the platform offers one of the largest selections of slots out there. With over 100 5-reel slots to choose from and more than 50 progressive slots listed, they’re one of the best apps to play on. In total there are well over 400 casino games making this yet another one of the best slot machine apps to play on your laptop.

While legitimate, and completely U.S. and Canada focused, Slots.lv does not actually hold a gambling license. After it was ruled that U.S.-facing entities could no longer hold licenses Slots.lv forfeited theirs, yet they’ve continued to stand out as one of the biggest gambling sites and are represented by the gaming giant Bodog. In addition, even though Ignition and Bovada both offer welcome bonuses, Slots.lv excels for the small-better by offering to match 100% of up to $500 on a player’s first 9 deposits. These rates increase if you’re playing with Bitcoin, and while restricted until you’ve wagered 35x your deposit, 100% of slot play counts towards this wager requirement.

Playing for Real Money

Of course, the major draw for playing with real money is winning real money. Free online play is an easy way to explore an app, but winning big in trial mode is sure to lead to heartbreak. When you play with real money in some slots you can also count on accessing free spins, multipliers, and special pay tables so it’s worth the risk if you’re feeling lucky.

That being said, of course the major drawback is losing big. If you can stick to a budget and find a legitimate app to play on, you can cut back on your fears and stay safe.

Playing for Play Money

You can start on most slots in demo mode, which allows you to experience gameplay without betting anything. This is a great way to try things out, and can often still lead to features like free spins, but won’t ultimately lead anywhere. Plus, if you do win big you’ll have to deal with the reality of not being able to cash out your play money for real winnings.

Best Bonuses: Ignition Casino

In gameplay, many of Ignition Casino’s slots offer both scatters and additional symbols that trigger bonuses. These can lead to free spins or cash prizes and can keep you competing while you wait out a progressive jackpot. This is why we ranked it as our current top pick as the best overall slot machine app to play on your laptop.

In addition, Ignition Casino offers a hefty welcome bonus which will match 200% of up to $2,000 on your first deposit. If you’re playing with Bitcoin you can see that amount climb to 300% of up to $3,000 so it’s worth it if you can make the switch. From there you’ll receive Weekly Match reload bonuses which can help you continue to build your bank.

Perhaps the wildest perk is their unlimited Bitcoin bonus, which will match 25% on up to $1,000 of every deposit made in Bitcoin. Cashing out when Bitcoin’s exchange rate is peaking can mean securing even more for your money, so it’s important to take advantage of this offer if you can.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the top 3 best slot machine apps to play on your laptop. The most important part of playing online slots is finding a legitimate host. Between these three options you can’t go wrong, but you may decide to home in on one after finding they offer your favorite game or a better welcome package.

No matter which platform you choose, it’s important to explore your options with Bitcoin. If you’re already comfortable using Bitcoin then you know how incredible these deals are, and how much sense it makes to take advantage of them. If you’re wary of moving into cryptocurrency do your research and you’ll find it’s incredibly easy and safe to make the exchange online and can open your world up to much better gameplay. A hesitation to trust what most people already rely on will not only lead to frustration but could mean paying increased withdrawal fees and missing out on ample bonuses.


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