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Top 5 Legit Apps To Make Money 2019

If your looking for the top 5 legit apps to make money in 2019 your in the right place. Each one of these is an opportunity to earn a significant amount of money straight from your phone. You will however need to get good at each method, and while I can’t promise results the sky is the limit here. So if you want to make the big peanuts aka cashews lets get right into it.

1. If your good at sport betting or poker we highly recommend Bovada. They have an incredible app for real money poker games, and also give you the ability to bet on just about everything. Poker is definitely my forte since I’ve been playing for around 15 years or so. Bovada is currently the number one betting site in the US, and definitely awesome if you have knack for taking calculating risks. You can signup here.

2. Our second pick for the top 5 legit apps to make money in 2019 is Robinhood. This is my go to stock trading app that I have been using for the last 3 years. Stock trading is something I believe everyone should get into, and its also a way to build your wealth over time. Robinhood offers zero commission trading so you can get started with as little as $5.

3. Right now would be a great time to get into trading cryptocurrency. Its looking like this is a come back year for most coins that took a major hit last year. Coinbase is both a digital wallet and trading platform. It is used by over 20 million people worldwide, and they insure your money up to 250k. If you want to get started with crypto than signup at Coinbase.

4. Our next top 5 legit app to make money in 2019 is Slots lv. There is no better place for playing slot games on your phone than this place. Slots lv has over 400 casino games in total with 200 of those being slots based games. The software for playing on your phone is highly addictive and extremely fun. They have been operating for the last 6 years and are highly reputable.

5. Last but certainly not least is Acorns. This is an automatic investing app that won’t make you rich, but a nice way to earn some money passively. From what I’ve seen you can earn anywhere from 3-5 percent on any money you put into this Acorns. If you enjoyed this list you can check out some other great money making apps here.

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