ZOETOUCH Iphone Lens Review

For those that love photography the ZOETOUCH iphone lens is where its at. This is a great camera accessory for taking wide angle shots, and getting much more close up detail. The great thing about this lens is that it will fit on any iphone currently out as we have tested it. It will enhance pictures you take as you will be able to see shortly. We will have some live video below you can check out, and more of the benefits to using this accessory below.

1. The ZOETOUCH iphone lens has a great build and design. Its made of all aluminum alloy with an easy to attach clip on. The great thing about the clip on is that it has a rubberized piece that helps with gripping onto your iphone. We tried it out on the iphone x, and even did a shake test to make sure it wouldn’t slip off.

2. The glass on this lens is also very well made. It has a special coating that will help protect from fingerprint scratches and smudges. It also comes with both a protective cover for when your not using it which is a bonus.

3. The ZOETOUCH iphone lens will give you 12.5x zoom. This will help capture more detail on any pictures you take, and also gives you the ability to take wide angled shots. We took some live examples you can watch in the video above, but to put this in perspective it will give you 60 percent more of anything you shoot with your camera. It will basically enhance pictures you take, and capture things you might not have been able to really see.

With some closing comments on our ZOETOUCH iphone lens review we think this is a great camera accessory. Its made of aluminum alloy making it very durable, has a coating on its front glass to protect against smudges, and the ability to give you wide angled shots. It will fit on any iphone currently available, and with a price point of under $20 we think this is a big win. If you want to take your iphone photography to the next level then consider checking out the ZOETOUCH!

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