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6 Max Poker vs Full Ring – How Much Different Are They?

by edward

There is a lot to consider when you begin to play online poker. One of most important things is figuring out which format you’d like to master. Which brings me up to the 6 max vs full ring option.

While you could become good at more than one game it’s a much smarter approach of narrowing your focus on one game for a long time.

Basically, what I’m saying is go deep so you become so good you can literally print money playing online poker. And it won’t be easy but getting good at this game is possible if you put in the work.

In this article I will be giving you some of the differences in playing 6 max vs full ring. And believe there are quite a few differences to be aware of.

Full Ring Poker

6 Max Poker vs Full Ring

Full ring poker, as the name suggests, involves a full table of players, typically 9 players. This format is commonly found on most poker sites and is for more conservative and patient players.

What I mean is that you will have a lot more time to make decisions as opposed to playing shorthanded. Which can be a benefit if it takes time for you to make decisions. Here are some 3 advantages to full ring vs 6 max.

  • Players Are Predictable

In a full ring game players are often more predictable. Since there are more players at the table you will be involved in fewer hands.

This means you’ll have more time to make decisions, but when players raise from early position they most likely have a premium hand. You in turn can play tighter from the later positions or simply fold whatever you have.

  • Tighter Starting Hand Requirements

Due to the conservative nature of full ring games, players tend to go with the tighter starting hand approach. This means that only the strongest hands are played, and players are less likely to play marginal hands such as Jack Ten off suit as an example.

As a result, bluffs become less common, and the game relies more on solid hand strength. Sort of an ABC poker approach.

  • Patience is a Virtue

I would also say that in full ring poker, patience is a key virtue. With fewer hands per hour and a slower pace, you need to be patient and disciplined, waiting for opportunities to capitalize on strong premium hands.

The ability to read opponents also becomes crucial, as there is more time to gather information about each player’s playing style. This is all because it’s a slower pace of online poker.

6-Max Poker

6 Max Poker vs Full Ring

6-max poker, on the other hand, is a more fast-paced and aggressive game with only six players at the table.

This format has gained popularity, especially in the last decade, for its dynamic nature and increased action. Personally, it’s my game of choice.

  • Increased Aggression

With fewer players, there is less waiting around in 6-max poker. The game becomes more aggressive, with players engaging in a wider range of hands. The blinds come around more frequently, which makes players increase action with stealing blinds and making strategic moves.

  • Wider Starting Hand Range

In 6-max poker, players tend to have a wider starting hand range. This means that hands considered marginal in full ring games become playable. The increased aggression and faster pace make it necessary for players to adapt by playing a more diverse range of hands.

  • Importance of Position

Positional play becomes even more important in 6-max poker. With fewer players, your position at the table has a more immediate impact on the hands you can play and the strategies you can employ.

Skilled players exploit their position to control the flow of the game and gain an edge over opponents. You should be aware of position if you plan on taking your game more seriously.

Which Is More Profitable?

From years of playing online poker, I’ve found most people start with sit n go’s and eventually move over to the cash games. In the beginning stages of your poker career, you will most likely flock to the full ring format to get comfortable with the game.

However, I believe the real money and skill comes from mastering the shorter handed 6 max format. Action is quicker, forcing you and your opponents to make tougher decisions. It also allows you to get better at reading people and putting them on ranges of what they might be holding.

Next If you’re ready to start your online poker journey I have a few different site recommendations for you to look at. These are currently 3 of the top sites in terms of ratings, bonuses, and player traffic.

1. Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is one of the most recent card rooms to open in the United States, having done so in 2016, and it offers genuine players a wide range of chances.

I’ve been playing here for many years, and honestly, it’s a great site. They have millions of dollars in monthly prizes, and some pretty easy to dominate cash games. That is if you have some skill of course.

The website, which was once run under the Bodog brand name, is now a component of the PaiWangLuo Network, which is in and of itself an ecosystem. Ignition Poker caters solely to players based in the United States and may be accessed in almost every state in the country. You can get started on Ignition Poker here.


  • They accept US players
  • Players can play with cryptocurrencies
  • Freeroll Poker Tournaments
  • They have a large selection of games


  • No Sports betting is available
  • No valid gaming license

2. Bovada Poker

6 Max Poker vs Full Ring

Bovada Poker is one of the most well-known card rooms in the United States, catering exclusively to players from the United States. Previously open from 2004 until 2016, the card room was just reopened in 2017 with a brand new look, a wide range of tournaments, and regular poker games.

At the moment, the poker room is number one in the United States and among the top 10 poker websites worldwide when it comes to player traffic and tournament prize pools.

Among the many advantages of Bovada Online Poker are anonymous tables for newbies and fast payouts. Up to $500 in free poker money is up for grabs for players who sign up using this link. You can get started on Bovada Poker here.


  • Pay out is almost immediately
  • Use of cryptocurrency
  • A large player base


  • Welcome bonus can be better
  • More Omaha games would be nice

3. BetOnline Poker

6 Max Poker vs Full Ring

US poker site BetOnline has been around for a long time. This company was founded in 1991 by a group of individuals who then went on to launch the company under its current name in 2001.

After releasing their own proprietary poker client in 2016, BetOnline became a Chico Poker Network member for the first time in the company’s history.

There is a good mix of recreational, novice, and experienced players in the BetOnline Poker room, and the software has gotten much better over time. In addition, the website has a lot of good registrations at the lower tiers and a strong traffic and user base overall. You can get started on BetOnline here.


  • US players are accepted
  • Very reliable
  • Available mobile app in place for players to use easily
  • Licensed in Panama


  • Charge on every card deposit
  • Paypal not accepted

Final Thoughts

Full ring and 6 max cash games are comparable and distinctive in several ways. Both are poker games, although the former has more participants than the latter due to the varied player counts.

Play full-ring games if you’re just starting off in the game of poker. Since there is less bluffing, you will always have a tight hand and be able to tell how the game is being played.

However, 6 max games are primarily for players that play their cards fast and aggressively. In a 6-max game, you can’t wait for the best card; thus, you could frequently need to bluff to stop the other player from raising their hands.


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