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Best Phones To Buy In 2023 – You Should Get These!

by edward

It’s amusing to see each new phone hitting the market, filled with spec upgrades and even the periodic inventive design. Since a phone is a device we mainly use regularly all around the year, the best phone is a superb upgrade option for each of us.

But which is the best phone to buy in 2023? Well, the answer relies primarily on the features you desire to receive from a new phone. The premium range is mainly where you’ll get top-notch cameras. However, if you hardly ever require pin-sharp snaps in the darkness, you may consider it vital to go for a budget phone or mid-range one instead. This option is worth considering since the smartphone field is more mature nowadays, and the phone quality you can expect from lower price marks has increased markedly. So let’s get right into the best phones to buy right now.

Best Phones To Buy In 2023 – Summarized List

1. Galaxy S22 Ultra

best phones to buy

Galaxy S22 Ultra ticks all the points if you’re looking for a smartphone for each purpose or intent. Besides featuring a wide display size of 6.8 inches, this smartphone also comes with each whistle and bell Samsung considers suitable to add in its non-folding smartphones – including an in-built S Pen.

This stylus phone features a top-notch camera array, a really exceptional 120 hertz, 1440p display, and the newest Snapdragon Eight Generation one chipset. However, this phone may not suit you if you don’t prefer big phones. Also, it costs enormous. You can buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra here.


  • Excellent build quality
  • S Pen
  • Superb display


  • It comes without a charger

2. iPhone 13 Pro

best phones to buy

iPhone 13 Pro has a smaller display size than the iPhone 13 Pro Max model, but it still features three rear cameras and all of the iPhone 13 Pro Max features. As a result, this phone is a must-have because of its display size and Max’s additional battery capacity, giving you the difference you deserve. Besides this, iPhone 13 Pro is worth considering if you prefer smaller phones or you’re not after a multi-day battery life.

Moreover, iPhone 13 Pro’s display size received a “ProMotion” upgrade similar to the iPhone 13 Pro Max model. As a result, it offers the same smooth refresh rate. Also, this phone is more manageable and easy to carry around for most individuals. You can buy the iPhone 13 Pro here.


  • Superb cameras
  • Smaller form factor
  • Shares a dynamic refresh rate of 120Hz with iPhone 13 Pro Max


  • Lower maximum battery volume than that of Max

3. Google Pixel 6

While it might not feature the telephoto lens, Google Pixel 6 still stands out as an excellent phone you can buy in 2022. The primary difference with its previous sibling less RAM, up to 256gigabytes storage, 90Hz, 6.4 inches, 1080p screen, and the absence of the telephoto lens. The phone’s battery capacity is also slightly lower and has a selfie camera of 8MP, which is less by 3.1MP than the 6 Pro.

Since Google Pixel 6 is almost similar to Google Pixel 6 Pro, it’s, therefore, an excellent balance of cost/features for the average user who’s not after top-notch photography capabilities or professional gaming performance. However, the phone comes with the same top-notch 5G support, Bluetooth 5.2, Google Tensor chip, and Wi-Fi 6E. You can buy the Google Pixel 6 here.


  • Great camera
  • Google Tensor chip
  • Good cost-to-performance ratio


  • No zoom lens

4. Galaxy Z Flip 3

best phones to buy

Galaxy Z Flip 3 falls under Samsung’s 3rd generation Flip devices. One primary upgrade is the cover screen display’s increased size from 1.1 inches to 1.9 inches.

Another significant improvement is the IPX8 water-resistance feature. The ability to fold this phone half horizontally explains why it’s a pocketable device. However, this smartphone also has notable flaws, like its short battery life. Also, this phone doesn’t feature a telephoto lens, a feature that most smartphones at this value range come with.

However, you can enjoy more features if you go for the Bespoke Edition model, which costs around $1099. This version allows you to select colors for the front panel, frame, and back panel. You can buy the Galaxy Z Flip 3 here.


  • More affordable
  • Larger cover display
  • Improved durability


  • Short battery life

5. iPhone 13

best phones

While it does not compare with iPhone 13 Pro’s higher refresh display, the iPhone 13 still stands out as the best for 2022 because of its remarkable features. These include the Cinematic Mode and Apple’s latest A15 Bionic 5nm chip.

The phone’s rear camera now sits diagonally, accommodating the amazing sensor-shift OIS unique with iPhone 12 Pro Max. This phone features a fantastic 6.1 inches display screen completed with a small-sized notch on the front side.

iPhone 13 also features iOS 15 as its operating system. Other notable features include the notification summary that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the phone does not distract you. Moreover, iPhone 13 is worth considering for 2022 because of its excellent battery life. You can buy the iPhone 13 here.


  • Capable cameras
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great value
  • Excellent performance


  • Slow charging
  • It lacks a telephoto camera

6. Galaxy Z Fold 3

best phones to buy

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is one of Samsung’s newest phones and still one of its best foldable smartphones. The phone’s most exciting internal features live in a casing that, conceivably, is designed to last long. This phone’s upgrades from its forerunner include a more enclosed and excellent hinge system, Samsung’s initial under-display camera feature on a foldable, and more.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is more durable because of its Gorilla Glass Victus display, IPX8 water-resistance reading, and Armor Aluminum Frame. This phone’s other top-notch features include S Pen support and 120Hertz refresh rates. Besides this, the phone also supports more applications. You can buy the Galaxy Z Fold 3 here.


  • S-Pen compatible
  • Water resistance
  • Flexible use cases


  • It’s expensive

7. iPhone 12

iPhone 12 wins if you’re after a modern-looking iPhone supporting MagSafe accessories. It ticks this point because of its new design – the square-ish and flat sides look. Besides being a performer, iPhone 12 also features an excellent battery life, making it the perfect phone for a day. However, you cannot compare it with the 13 series.

You can’t lose many features if you go for an iPhone 12 instead of an iPhone 13 because the non-Pro series were not touched up to feature the “the” ProMotion screens. However, this phone’s camera system sensor is relatively small-sized and does not have the sensor-shift stabilization feature. You can buy iPhone 12 here.


  • OLED screen
  • Exceptional performance
  • Compact/pretty new design
  • Superb camera


  • No telephoto lens
  • No charger

8. iPhone 13 Mini

best phones to buy

iPhone 13 Mini ticks all the points if you’re after an advanced iPhone 13 tech with a smaller screen. The phone’s 5.4 inches display size means you can hold it with a single hand. Also, this display size means the phone features a screen that is big enough to inspect from a distance.

Moreover, this phone is available in each color choice, similar to the iPhone 13 model. 2340 by 1080 resolution also means that iPhone 13 Mini’s screen is crisper than its older version’s screen (iPhone 13).

This smartphone suits your needs if you’re after an exceptional and newest iPhone, but don’t prioritize feature upgrades, screen real estate, or camera advancements. You can buy the iPhone 13 Mini here.


  • Responsive/faster performance
  • Excellent battery life
  • Top-notch video/camera capabilities


  • No telephoto lens

Final Thoughts

We hope now you know the best phone to buy in 2023. Hesitate no more! The best phone must come with all the pivotal functionalities and features you need to enhance your day-to-day life. Therefore, this phone must be fully equipped with the greatest and most modern technology or be a reliable/affordable phone with durable form factors and solid processing power. Take your time to identify your most critical features and then decide the smartphone to purchase based on those key factors.

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