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Mobile Poker Real Money – Bovada $1-$2 No Limit

by edward

What do us poker players do whenever we have some free time? Well we play real money mobile poker games on our phones! Yep that’s exactly what we do. I recently played a $1-$2 no limit session on Bovada Poker that was pretty exciting. Fortunately I recorded the whole thing and you can watch directly below. Also if you have yet to sign up on Bovada you can grab a nice first time deposit bonus below.

Bovada Bonus’s

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Bovada Poker offers a huge list of game options. You can play no limit, limit, stud, and omaha games on the site. This includes cash games, sit n go’s, and big multi table tournaments. Buy in ranges are as low as $2 all the way up to $2000. You will obviously want to be sporting a big bankroll to play the high limit games. My advice start small and build your way up. On a side note competition does get a bit stiff around the $200 buy in games.


The tournament selection on Bovada is pretty incredible. They have over 1.5 million in weekly prizes. You can expect prize pools as high as $75k during the week. On the weekend is where you will find some of the biggest tournaments. These inlcude the 100k, 250k, and specialty tournaments that go on throughout the year. If you consider yourself more of a tournament player your going to love these guys.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed watching another poker session here on Bovada. Having been a member now for the last 8 plus years I always find myself logging in once a day to tear up the virtual felt. I would reccomend checking out some of these mid stake games since the competition is pretty weak. As long as you have a knack for online poker you should be able to stack your chips against the competition. If you would like to see some more resources on Bovada click here.

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