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Bovada Poker Bonus Codes 2024 – Try These

by edward
Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

Bovada Poker is currently one of the largest poker rooms in the United States. They have some of the best software for playing on a phone or desktop and extremely fast cash out options.

I’ve been playing here since they were founded in 2011, and regularly hit up the mid stake 6 max cash games.

And if you’re on the hunt for some Bovada Poker sign up bonus codes for 2024 you’re in the right place. Some of these offerings will involve Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to claim.

I’d also argue that they are the gold standard for all online poker rooms right now. Whether you only occasionally play poker or are a professional player, you are sure to find the Bovada easy to navigate.

Now, let’s look at some of their offers for the poker room.

Claiming Your Bonus

Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

Before we get right to the promotions, I need to point out that some of these will require no effort on your part.

What I mean is that Bovada will automatically enroll you into one of these upon signing up. However, there will also be rollover requirements for each code as well.

A rollover requirement is a fancy way of saying you need to play to get that free money. Some requirements are easy while some may be a bit harder.

Bovada Bonus Codes

Bonus Code 1 – $500 Poker Bonus

Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

Only individuals who are just signing up on Bovada are eligible for this bonus. Signing up is simple and only takes a few minutes.

The sign-up button is located at the top of the page once you’ve downloaded the app or opened the website. Click on it and provide the information asked, and you’ll be on your way to owning your own account.

Your bonus will still be pending at this point because you are expected to make an initial deposit. The deposit amount determines how much bonus you will get.

For example, when you deposit up to $500 in your account, you earn a 100% bonus on your deposit with the bonus code. If you, however, deposit more than $500, you still earn a $500 bonus and nothing more.

You should take advantage of this bonus! The bonus code to use is PWB500. Depositing money in your account is seamless too, you are allowed the option of choosing to pay by credit card or bitcoin.

Bonus Code 2 – 100% Match Poker Bonus

Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

Okay, this is another one I would recommend taking advantage of. The Match Poker bonus includes the $500 already mentioned, and some other they offer.

While the $500 promotion can be used for any kind of deposit, other match poker bonuses are used for specific kinds of deposits.

When you use fiat, cryptocurrency (credit card or voucher) to make your deposit, you can win a 100% match bonus up to $1000 by using the bonus code CAWELCOME100.

You can also get bonuses for when you deposit with bitcoin, there is a sports match bonus which isn’t 100%, but 75% up to $750, and there is another one which is a reload bonus.

Bonus Code 3 – 100% Reload Bonus

Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

This promotion can be used by people making their first deposits as well, but it allows them to earn bonuses on their second and third deposits. This is awesome and why it’s called the reload bonus!

If you are making your deposit, use the bonus code, BV2NDCWB, to earn a 100% reload match on your first three deposits. Each bonus can go up to $1000, summing to $3000 over three deposits.

Also, when you deposit with cryptocurrency, you can use the bonus code, BTCCWB1250, to claim a $125% bonus on your first three deposits.

This bonus can reach $1250 for every $1000 deposit, adding up to $3750 over three consecutive $1000 deposits. I will say this is a good one to grab.

Bonus Code 4 – Referral Bonus

Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

Once you become a regular if you have any friends you want to invite you can earn some free play money off them as well.

On the site, you can refer as many people as you want to the platform. To refer to your friends, you will click the icon on your profile and proceed to click on the Refer-a-Friend button you find among your options.

There are several ways you can refer to friends, either by text, email, or by sending them your referral link. They have an active twitter page which is always posting different ways to attain free money when playing on their platform.

When you refer friends, you can win up to a $200 bonus from their first deposit on Bovada. If they use bitcoin to make this deposit, you get an extra $75, making your maximum bonus up to $275! Remember that you can make this amount off as many friends as you prefer.

However, I need to point out that to be eligible for any of these promotions, you must deposit a minimum of $20 into your account. Also, before you can withdraw, you need to meet some requirements which will be addressed next in the next section I’ve laid out for you.

Rollover requirements

Bovada Poker Sign Up Bonus Codes

If you don’t know much about rollover requirements, it’s important to understand how they work. I’ve often told people this is crucial. Because you can obviously claim any of these offers, but if you don’t know the ins and outs to unlock them it might all be for nothing.

Rollover requirements refer to the criteria you need to meet before you can withdraw your bonuses from your Bovada Poker account.

You need to meet a particular sum of monetary amount from your betting to be able to cash out the earnings attached to your bonus. Whether you win those bets or not doesn’t matter, if you stake money.

This requirement varies from poker bonus to bonus, so you’ll have to check your progress by clicking on the icon on your profile, clicking on Rewards, and checking your Play-through progress bar.

The info provided by this bar tells you how much you have spent on betting and how much more you need to spend before you can access your bonus earnings. Also, your bonuses expire after six months if you don’t unlock them, so you must ensure to reach your Rollover requirements before then.

Benefits of Playing on Bovada

Bovada Poker Bonus Codes

As I already hinted at earlier, Bovada Poker is one of best online poker and casino platform in the USA, and it is so for many reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Use of Anonymous Tables

To create a platform where novice players do not feel intimidated either by the expertise of their opponents or the size of the platform, they make sure to hide the identity of its players by replacing their names with random numbers.

While this does not allow you to get familiar with other players, you can still track their statistics with HUD software.

Overall, everybody is allowed to play recreation-ally at any time. This also helps with the security for each player as no other information will be posted.

  • Easy Deposit & Withdrawal

When compared with other poker sites, this site gives its users a lot of deposit and withdrawal options. The speed with which your deposits and withdrawals reflect on your account is also spectacular, especially when you use cryptocurrency.

Right now, it takes less than 15 minutes to receive a cash out with any number of the cryptocurrencies they have available. It’s convenient compared to other sites.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Getting in touch with customer support is extremely easy. You can check their help center to see articles on frequently asked questions, have a live chat with their customer personnel, or even call their hotline.

The 24-hour live chat support is impressive. Anytime I’ve had an issue or problem at any time of the day someone’s been there to help me out.

You, therefore, cannot get lost while navigating their site or playing their games. You have helped all the way.

  • Tons of Games

I also said this earlier but the platform that has a lot of different casino games, poker games, slot games, and sports games among others.

Among these games are cash games and zone poker games which you can play for a while, and some tournaments that go on for longer which you can enter to make even more money. Just remember to keep it within whatever the size of your bankroll is.

Proper bankroll management can go along way when you’re playing online poker. Typically 10-20 buy-ins for whatever stake your playing is the right approach. Just make sure you’re beating the games you’re playing.

  • Long-Standing Reputation

Not only do they have an amazing mobile poker app, but they are also extremely reputable. They’ve been in business for long enough to convince anyone that it is legit.

The platform, after changing its name in 2011, went out of business in 2016. It, however, bounced right back in the next year, and it’s bigger and better with more interesting features.

 You can, therefore, rest assured that they are not going anywhere anytime soon, and your money is safe on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Bovada is a top site for playing poker period! They’ve been around for over a decade and offer up millions of dollars in monthly tournament prizes.

You can also take part in any number of cash games that run 24 hours a day at stakes than range from a couple of dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars a table.

Bottom line, you should check out Bovada Poker to play your online games, stake money, and win big. The only hitch is that the site is not available in some states in the United States, like New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland.

I would also recommend playing responsibly because you never know how the cards may fall sometimes. Just remember not to get emotional about it and continue playing a solid game.

If you do not live in any of these areas, go ahead and play your games on the site, and don’t forget to claim those bonuses while at it!

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