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Is Bovada Poker Anonymous?

by edward

If your trying to find out if Bovada Poker is anonymous you’ve landed in the right place. Yes Bovada uses a no screen name policy which adds to the privacy and protection of their players. This in turn makes it impossible for anyone to effectively use tracking software. I’ve personally come to enjoy the no screen name policy over the years. It has its added benefits as long as your playing consistently good poker.

Bovada – Summarized Bonus’s

Who is Bovada?

Bovada has quickly become one of the most consistently top-rated options for online poker players. Where other options have been entrenched in scandal and cheating accusations both past and present, Bovada has had no such issues and offers a wide variety of game options to satisfy poker players from beginner to seasoned. Bovada attracts poker players from around the United States who are looking to learn the games or looking for another avenue to play cards while many live games have been forced to stop amidst the pandemic. Regardless of skill level or familiarity with online poker, Bovada Poker makes it easy for everyone to access and play their games with comfort and confidence.

Anonymous Tables and Their Benefits

Yes Bovada Poker is anonymous. Anonymous poker tables have become an increasingly popular option for players who are new to the game. When a player sits at a table at a casino, they are most likely sitting amongst strangers who have no idea what their tendencies are or patterns. The more a player plays online under a username, the more likely that experienced players will pick up on their skill level and patterns. They in turn will be able to target that player as soon as they sit at a table. Anonymous tables allow for the playing field to be more even. At least for the first several hands a player plays. Instead of more experienced players being able to prey on new/weaker players immediately, they will need to study their opponent and figure things out as they play. This allows for all players to have a better chance at winning some of the early pots. Also preventing players from ganging up on a select one or two. In that sense, anonymous tables benefit newer players who can remain anonymous and avoid being attacked by more skilled players. For players who are more experienced and with more skill, anonymous tables can also prove beneficial. As a player gains a reputation as skilled and/or as having a huge bankroll, that player may find it more difficult to win sizeable pots as their competitors play tighter or simply shy away from getting into hands out of fear of being outplayed.

Games Offered

Bovada offers a great selection of online cash game and tournament options. Texas Hold’em is the most popular online poker game and Bovada offers no limit and fixed limit games where you can buy-in for as little as $.50. In addition to their Hold’em offerings, Bovada offers Pot Limit, Fixed Limit, and No Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. For those who are more experienced with poker, Bovada currently offers standard four card Omaha and not the five card or six card varieties at the moment. Aside from the vast array of cash tables, both anonymous and standard, Bovada has perhaps the best tournament schedule of any online poker platform in operation.

Bovada $1000 Poker Bonus

Playing Software Used

Bovada uses only the most trusted software in the industry to ensure player equity, fairness, and random card dealings. The current software in use is RTG, BetSoft, Rival Gaming, and Bodog (Proprietary).

Playing on Mobile

Bovada Poker is still anonymous even when playing on mobile. Many players of online poker are looking to enjoy the game they love while playing from just about any location. Bovada understands this perfectly and has made their mobile playing experience unparalleled. All the features that are available on a desktop are accessible through a touchscreen mobile device ensuring no difficulties when playing from a smartphone or tablet. There is currently no Bovada app, but their user interface on mobile is so crisp that there really is no need for one currently.

Bonuses on Bovada

Bovada offers some pretty great bonuses periodically and is currently offering a 100% first deposit bonus up to $500. So, that means that if you deposit $500, Bovada will provide you with another $500. Definitely a really great offer for those looking to join in on the action. You can claim that bonus by clicking here.

Cashing Out

Hopefully, you’ll need to know exactly how to withdraw your money after scoring some sizeable pots and/or winning a tournament or two. The fastest and most efficient means of withdrawing your earnings is either through bitcoin or bitcoin cash. With those methods you can withdraw a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $9500 per transaction. Those transactions will take somewhere between 15 minutes to an hour but depends on the speed at which the transaction can pass through the blockchain. Luckily, there are no fees on Bovada’s end for using this method and you can make a transaction every day.

Final Thoughts

If you were trying to find out if Bovada Poker was anonymous we hope this helped you out. Bovada Poker is the clear-cut best option for playing online poker. With an easy user interface, plenty of game options, and a deep selection of cash games and tournaments, any poker player will soon find why Bovada Poker is one of the most popular in the United States. Good luck on the virtual felt.


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