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Best Anonymous Online Poker Sites 2021

If your looking for the best anonymous online poker sites in 2021 you’ve landed in the right place. Basically what this term means is that screen names are not allowed. The benefit to this is that player stats cannot be tracked. This in turn makes it harder for anyone to use software to track your play. On the flip side you won’t be able to track their play either. Lets dive a bit deeper into why this format of poker is becoming more popular.

Best Anonymous Online Poker Site In 2021?

Online poker continues to be experiencing an incredible boom early on in 2021. While the previous ten months have been marked by lockdowns, copious amounts of free time, and working from home becoming the new normal, the desire to play poker remained constant for those who were already actively playing. The aforementioned characteristics of 2020 also attracted hundred of thousands of recreational and first-time players to becoming involved with online poker. As many online platforms experienced a surge in membership and deposits throughout 2021, it is expected that players will continue to remain interested in playing throughout this year. Since many continue to work from home and others have gained an affinity for playing, even as a solely recreational player. As the pool has gotten deeper regarding player talent and overall numbers, a relatively new feature being offered by some online card rooms looking to help even the playing field a bit: anonymous tables. At the forefront of the anonymous poker shift is the renowned online platform, Bovada. They are leading the way as the best platform for those seeking to keep their identity to themselves.

Bovada Poker – Anonymous Poker Tables

Bovada has been offering anonymous tables for a few years now. As it seeks to create an experience that allows newer players to stand a chance against more seasoned sharks. At a traditional casino it is highly likely that players will sit down at a table with players they’ve never met. They will need several hands to gain some information about their opponents. The anonymous tables at Bovada provide for a similar experience whereas traditional online poker tables allow players to track their known opponents and easily target lesser players as soon as they buy-in to a table.

Is Anonymous Poker a Good Thing?

This is a great question. Like many great questions, the answer can depend on who you ask. Players who are more experienced and enjoy taking copious notes about their opponents to help them gain an advantage typically don’t enjoy the anonymity of these tables. Instead of being able to enter the lobby for a table, scan the names of the players in the hand, and knowing right away who’s who, experienced players will need to sit and play for a while to gain a sense of how skilled their opponents are. There is certainly more risk involved for these players than simply targeting “fishy” tables. For less skilled players, anonymous tables are more attractive because they won’t be targeted. They may be able to scoop up a few more pots early on before more skilled players catch on. Usually to their playing style and sense that they are of a lesser ability.

 Benefits to Playing on Bovada

One of the reasons we feel Bovada is the best anonymous online poker site in 2021 is their reputation. As mentioned before, Bovada leads the way when it comes to their anonymous poker offerings. On top of that, Bovada has one of the cleanest reputations when it comes to past cheating scandals which speaks to the confidence that players have when making deposits into their platform. They are known for attracting a high volume of players which is great for experienced players looking to capitalize off weak competition. Additionally, Bovada is able to offer some of the best cash games and tournaments of any online platform. Offering some nice bonuses and seamless deposits and withdrawals, Bovada is one of the best online poker platforms currently available to US players.

Bovada $1000 Poker Bonus

Poker Games Offered on Bovada

Bovada offers a great selection of online cash game and tournament options. Texas Hold’em is the most popular online poker game and Bovada offers no limit and fixed limit games where you can buy-in for as little as $.50. In addition to their Hold’em offerings, Bovada offers Pot Limit, Fixed Limit, and No Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. For those who are more experienced with poker, Bovada currently offers standard four card Omaha and not the five card or six card varieties at the moment. Aside from the vast array of cash tables, both anonymous and standard, Bovada has perhaps the best tournament schedule of any online poker platform in operation.

Bonuses on Bovada

Bovada offers some pretty great bonuses periodically and is currently offering a 100% first deposit bonus up to $500. So, that means that if you deposit $500, Bovada will provide you with another $500. Definitely a really great offer for those looking to join in on the action. You can claim your first time deposit bonus by clicking here.

Is Anonymous Poker Worth It?

After you make your initial deposit on Bovada, you’ll have the option to play at an anonymous table if you choose. If you are a more skilled player, you may wish to instead play on tables where you can gain valuable insight into who your opponents are so you can maximize your earning potential and limit your risk. If you are a new player, anonymous tables may just be your best bet as you look to find your own poker identity and sharpen your skills. Since the other players at the table will have no idea if you are new to the game or a pro, they may just be more inclined to fold to your bluffs and respect your moves until they feel they have a read on your game.

Final Thoughts

If you were looking for the best anonymous online poker site in 2021 we hope this helped you out. Bovada has built a solid reputation over the years for taking care of their players. Reputation is everything when it comes to putting your hard earn money on the line. Good luck on the virtual felt, and don’t forget to grab your first time deposit bonus here.


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