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Best Anonymous Online Poker Sites 2023

by edward

Over the past few years, the popularity of anonymous poker sites has increased. These online poker rooms provide casual players with a secure environment. They prohibit gamers from employing third-party software to their advantage.

Unfortunately, not all online poker rooms allow heads-up displays or provide anonymous tables. You can spend hours looking for people who do, or you can join in one of our suggestions.

Best Anonymous Poker Sites – Summarized List

  1. Ignition Poker – Claim Bonus
  2. Bovada Poker – Claim Bonus
  3. BetOnline Poker – Claim Bonus
  4. Americas Cardroom – Claim Bonus
  5. Intertops Poker – Claim Bonus

The Current State of Online Poker

Online poker is the card game of poker played over the Internet. Various online poker sites offer different variations with a wide range of games and stakes. Whether you play live poker or online against other players, the game’s rules are always the same. Online poker is also appealing to live poker. It is an intellectual game that is fun and simple to play. It is generally quicker, less risky, and easier to access. 

You can perform it from the comfort of your home anytime as long as you desire and for any stakes you choose. No matter how low the stakes, one of the biggest advantages of online poker is the possibility of winning real money. The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to address anyone directly and will frequently be playing against strangers.

Playing Poker Anonymously With no Screen Names

Screen names are not used at an anonymous poker table to identify players. Instead, it uses numbers. Players cannot trace down or compile information on their opponents at anonymous tables. However, most websites go further than that. Additionally, they restrict or forbid the following.

  • Notes and Tags are temporary. Once you leave the table or the individual you are taking notes on, your tags and notes will no longer be valid.
  • HUDs (heads-up displays) are no longer allowed. HUDs continuously gather and display data. Players who do this have an advantage over those who don’t.
  • Multi-tabling is currently scarce. You are often limited to five to ten cash game tables on poker websites.

Anonymous poker sites have implemented these guidelines to safeguard their recreational gamers.

Best Anonymous Poker Sites

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the top poker sites that are completely anonymous. Essentially, this suggests that screen names are not permitted, and the advantage is that player statistics cannot be monitored. As a result, it becomes more difficult for someone to follow your play using the software. However, you won’t be able to watch their play either.

1. Ignition Poker

Ignition is the best poker site for casual players searching for fast-paced cards. Despite being relatively new, it is one of the most popular poker sites today, with thousands of primarily active amateur players at any time.

The feature that distinguishes this poker site the most is its anonymous gaming design, in which participants are given numbers instead of screen names. Additionally, Ignition prohibits outside tracking programs and only permits session-specific HUDs. These measures are all intended to make it difficult for professionals to take advantage of amateur players. You can get started on Ignition Poker here.


  • It gives actions for 24 hours each day
  • Many tournaments are guaranteed daily
  • It has a fast download and installation process
  • There are anonymous tables
  • The pending withdrawal period is fast
  • 100% bonus of up to $2,000


  • The first deposit bonus is difficult to clear in the given time
  • Some players find a lack of username and game selection as a problem
  • Can only play 4 tables at a time
  • The software can still need to be upgraded and improved

2. Bovada Poker

Since a few years ago, Bovada has provided anonymous tables for players. It aims to create an environment where less experienced players compete with more seasoned sharks. It is one of the best online poker platforms for US players.

In a traditional casino, players will likely be seated at a table with strangers. Anonymous tables at Bovada offer a similar experience as players need numerous hands to learn more about their opponents. It is a safe place for crypto users. You can get started on Bovada Poker here.


  • Online casino, sportsbook, racebook, and poker platform is available
  • Best cash games and tournaments
  • It is easy to make deposits and withdrawals and the option of cryptocurrencies is available
  • It has a cutting-edge user interface
  • A large pool of players
  • Monthly Milly Tournament


  • Limited VIP rewards
  • Competition hard in big tournaments

How to Play Poker

Here are the steps you should take when playing poker games online:

Download the Software

The first step is to download the online poker software from the site of your choice if you’re playing on a laptop or home computer. It should not take very long to download even the slowest internet connections because the overall strain on your memory is relatively low. You can also try the no download software feature on the site.

Install the Software Package

If you choose to download the software, double-click the installer package once it has been downloaded to begin the installation process.

Create Your Account

You will need to create a user account on these websites, and most sites allow you to do this before downloading the software. You must be at least 18 years old or, if higher, the minimum legal age in your country. Expect to be turned away if you are underage because there will be age checks.

Make Deposits

There are several exceptions to the rule that you must use a credit card or prepaid card to deposit on an online poker site. Most websites accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, as well as the most widely used online eWallets like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

Benefits of Playing Poker Anonymously

Playing online poker anonymously has many advantages. Here are the main reasons you should consider signing up for an anonymous poker site;

● Increase Fairness While Playing

Heads- on -Display (HUD) users are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced poker players. They already have the edge over the majority of casual players. These players already have an advantage, increased by poker sites that allow software, note-taking, and player searching, and have fully developed lobbies. They enable players to compile a lot of data in hours. These players might also search the website for players who are weaker targets.

Anonymous poker sites take away these benefits. They level the playing field. Everyone must now pay close attention to what is happening at each table they are playing at. Players can’t rely on software to keep track of their hands or provide the valuable data they need.

● Always Start Fresh

When you are at a tough table, all you have to do is get up. A little bit of coverage is offered by an anonymous poker site.

Notes and tags are temporary, and no one will be able to track you. This allows you to move on to a table with a softer game. You don’t have a target on your back, and nobody can intentionally take advantage of you.

● Discourages Experts From Playing

Playing poker discourages experts from playing as they need to study the table. To play poker, they have access to various materials and tools. And they tend to cause trouble when they can’t use them.

These websites regulate or restrict what users can do. Use of HUD and opponent tracking are prohibited. Additionally, this greatly limits the number of hands or games they may play and the amount of money they can win. Therefore, they are frequently discouraged from playing on these sites and attractive to low-skilled players.

Ignition $1000 Poker Bonus

Added Benefits of Playing Poker Anonymously

Some other benefits of playing poker anonymously are

  • You can still have fun while playing anonymously
  • You are protected from sharks
  • Multi-tabling is available but limited
  • You can choose from many deposits and withdrawal options
  • You can play online for free or small stakes

Final Thoughts

Joining a poker website anonymously has many advantages. They provide you an opportunity to balance the playing field, which is maybe the most crucial benefit. Participating in anonymous poker games doesn’t ensure that you won’t win money or that extraordinary players won’t consistently defeat you.

These websites reduce your target. They will also prevent players from utilizing software to gather the information they can use against you immediately. Additionally, it will mean that every table you join will have you as a stranger. Next, we advise you to scroll up and look at our list of suggested websites. The finest anonymous poker sites are those we have personally tested and reviewed. So you can join an anonymous website right away.


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