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Can You Use Bovada In Ohio & Does It Work?

by edward

Bovada has become a powerhouse in the gaming industry and a go to destination for lots of bettors. They’ve built a strong reputation over the last 10 plus years for giving players just about everything you could ever ask for. The google searches for the term “Bovada” are also in the millions per month on the low end so the popularity is there. Of course, if you’re wondering if you can use Bovada in Ohio and if it works the good news is it absolutely does! However, before getting started you should know the ins and outs to using their platform and any current bonuses available for getting started.

Bovada Current Bonuses


Around early 2012 Bovada came into existence. It was operating under the Bodog Brand until they decided to give players a unique skin and brand for players that lived in the United States. Fast forward to today and the platform has seen lots of updates that give it an edge over other gaming sites especially if you like to play on mobile. This is an area they have almost perfected.

Game Selection

The game selection is diverse, which is a good thing. They offer sport betting, casino games, esports, poker, live dealer, and specialty games like bingo. Let’s first go over some of the options with sport betting.

Sport Betting

Bovada gives you the option to bet on just about every sporting event. They have NFL, NBA, MLB, Hockey, Tennis, Esports, Horses, Soccer, Boxing, MMA to name a few. You will also find some weirder betting options like entertainment. I’ve seen they allow you to bet on hot dog eating competitions here which is different and fun. Let’s also look at the different types of betting currently allowed.

  • Parlays

Okay, so if you’re into parlays they allow you to string as many bets together as you’d like. You can do player pros, or just combine a dozen teams together. Parlays can pay big, but the odds are much lower once you go past 3-5 team combos. They are a fun bet however which you can throw in the mix every once in a while.

  • Live Betting

This is another option that allows you to place wagers on games that have already started. Most of the time it’s an easy process, but other times it can be hard to make a wager depending on the game length of time left. You can also do live wager parlays if you’re trying to go big or go home.

  • Early Cash Out

Recently Bovada added an early cash out option for sports betting that will give you the chance to take a smaller amount cash out if the team you bet on is doing well. This allows you to still get a profit with no risk, but you won’t win as much as opposed to waiting for the full game result. It is however a smart way to hedge your bet and guarantees you a profit.

Casino Games

The casino games you can choose from are massive. Slot games are a preferred choice for many, and they’ve recently added the Hot Drop Jackpot format which allows for 3 major jackpots. An hourly, daily, and another at random. The biggest jackpot can pay upwards of $300k. You also have over 150 slots in total you can try out that have some big in game jackpots and awesome graphics. They also add new slot games and themes monthly to keep things fresh. Betting limits for slots are as low as .05 cents all the way up to $200 a spin. If you’re doing $200 a spin you better have a big bankroll!

Table games are also a fun way to test your luck. Bovada has blackjack, roulette, three card poker, baccarat, caribbean stud poker, craps, and more. You can also play video poker, bingo games, and other specialty games as well.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games have grown massively in popularity. You can play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat all with real dealers. Betting limits range anywhere from $10 a hand to upwards of $1000 per. They also have side games for extra bonuses while playing blackjack which are enticing. Just be sure to put too much money on the side bets because you have around 1 out of 13 chances to hit. Bottom line, live dealer games on here are something fun worth trying if you never have. You will also be able to choose from dozens of different dealers both male and female. Peak playing times for live dealer are typically late at night where you will get the most action.


So, if you were wondering if you can use Bovada in Ohio & if it works you should really try out poker selection. They host one of the biggest online poker rooms in the USA with the option to play cash games, sit n go’s, and big multi table tournaments. Formats you can play are holdem, no limit holdem, and Omaha. The cash games range with buy ins from $5 all the way to $2000 per table. The lower limit games are obviously something to try out before you try some of the bigger limits.

The tournament selection on here is another big draw to using them. They host the monthly milly tournament, which is basically a million-dollar tournament, and have other specialty tournaments that run throughout the year. Buy ins for tournaments range from $2 all the way to $1000 plus depending on the size and payout of that tournament. The weekends will be your best time to play in the bigger tournaments since they have a weekly $100k and $250k that you can buy into as well.

Poker Software

When it comes to software Bovada shines like no other. They give you the ability to change tables, card decks, auto muck, and chat with other players. You will be able to multi table 4 tables at once whether you’re playing poker on your phone or pc. They also have anonymous tables which makes tracking software nonexistent on their platform. Trust me, this is a good thing. Just play your “A” game and you will be just fine.

Poker Room Benefits

  • Accessibility and convenience – As opposed to land-based casinos that are located far away from players, online poker rooms can be accessed any time from a mobile device or computer. All that you must do is log in to the casino from your smartphone browser, and you are set to start playing.
  • Fast-moving game – Playing online poker allows you to enjoy a fast-moving game as opposed to a land-based casino. In the latter, the dealer would have taken a lot of time shuffling and dealing cards.
  • Good promotions – Playing the poker room exposes you to many bonuses and promotions that improve your overall gaming experience. Not only do you have a welcome bonus, but you also can expect surprise rewards during your games. To lure more players, the casino continues to showcase innovativeness in the kind of rewards extended. You may expect cash-back rewards, deposit bonuses, anniversary bonuses, and discounted membership fees.
  • Secure gaming – When you stake money for your poker games, you are sure no one will try to manipulate your account and steal the loaded funds. That’s because the site uses SSL encryption to keep off hackers. Additionally, the platform prompts you to set a safe password that only you know about.

Bovada Bonuses

  • $750 Bitcoin Bonus

Bovada has a couple of popular bonuses to take advantage of. The first is the the $750 Bitcoin bonus new users can claim. Bovada offers you a massive Bitcoin bonus worth up to $3,750 on your first 3 deposits for you to use on all of your casino bets. The initial deposit bonus has a 25x wagering requirement and is worth up to $1,250. The other two bonuses are the same size but have 50x rollover requirements.

  • $3000 Casino Bonus

Similar to the first option you can grab a max of $3000 upon signing up to play casino games. The 25x-40x wagering requirement makes it a little more hard to clear but it’s still very possible. This is a one-time thing so if you plan on going big try and get all of it.

  • $500 Poker Bonus

Lastly, Bovada has one more bonus code available for new players – the PWB500 poker code. The Poker Bonus Code has a maximum value of $500. So unlike sports and casino bonuses, the poker bonus is released throughout your regular play.

As you continue to play, every 150 reward points you gather will release $5 in bonus money, so it won’t be all at once. Players earn reward points by playing; the points are calculated when you leave the table or finish playing a tournament. The bonus is released based on the reward points in the first 30 days of play. So, it’s not bad but clearly not as juicy as the first two options.

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Final Thoughts

If you were looking for an answer to if you can play Bovada in Ohio & does it work we hope this helped you out. This is a top gaming site that has really built the reputation for taking care of its player base. The rewards program is also tiered and another reason to give them a shot. If you’d like to get started on Bovada now click here.

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