Does Bovada Poker Have Bots

If your wondering if Bovada Poker has bots you can’t honestly be serious. I swear every time I hear someone say this it makes me think there crazy. First off everyone who plays poker especially online has taken there fair share of sick beats. It just happens after playing thousands of hands. Eventually your going to take a sick run of bad beats. That should not make you think the poker gods are out to get you however. As we cover some of the benefits to playing on here you can also check out some of our live game play below.

Reputation is what its all about when it comes to online poker. As of right now Bovada has been in business for the last 7 years. I have personally been playing on here since the beginning and have seen my fair share of cash outs. While I don’t have a running total of how much I’ve won playing on here I have to imagine I’m up quite a bit lifetime.

If Bovada Poker had bots on it there would have been no way for me to get a $3700 cash out on a tournament recently. That’s right I decided to buy into a 25k guaranteed that was going on during a week day. It had roughly 600 players in it for a buy in amount of $55. If you’ve ever played in a tournament with that many people in it your just happy to make a final table. I not only made the final table I ended up getting second place.

Typically when I’m playing its on my phone these days. The mobile software is some of the best for real money games. I usually stick to straight cash games with sessions ranging from 15-45 minutes at a time. This allows me to focus on my game, and not commit to much time to any given session. You can also change table colors and card decks when playing.

I can tell you from my own personal wins on here that Bovada Poker definitely does not have bots. I really think its one of the most absurd things you can accuse a poker room of having. If you want to learn more about playing on Bovada click here.

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