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Ignition Poker In Massachusetts – Can You Play Here?

by edward

Ignition Poker has become a top destination for online poker players. They have some of the highest traffic at peak hours for USA players.

Ignition Poker Bonus’s

They also represent some of the highest payout online poker tournaments as well. We also need to point out that their are plenty of fishes at the mid and low stake cash games which is always a plus. If your looking to play Ignition Poker in Massachusetts and wondering if you can play here the simple answer is a resounding yes! However, we’ve provided you some insight on what you can expect playing here within the rest of this article. So, let’s begin.

Ignition Poker History

Ignition has been around since 2016 which gives it some serious street cred. Since opening they’ve built one of the highest traffic poker sites within the United States & Australia. The site is actually a sister site to Bovada which shares the same player pool of players with Ignition. You will also notice the software is the same as well. The company who owns them is Lynton Limited, the same company behind Bodog.


Before we go into game selection we have to touch on the poker software which is quite good. When playing you can switch table color schemes of around 9 colors. Some of my personal favorites are blue, red, and orange. They also have auto muck, chat features, and a rabbit hole card if you decide to fold early which makes playing even more exciting. Another nice benefit to playing here is they use anonymous tables so their is no player tracking. You can also multi table up to 4 tables at a time which is the perfect amount.

Poker Formats

  • Cash Games

For those wanting to play Ignition Poker in Massachusetts you will be happy to know the cash game selection is amazing. They offer the normal variants of heads up, 6 max, and full 9 person tables. Buy in’s range from as low as $.50 cents up to $2000 per table. I’ve often found the sweet spot for winning consistently while making a nice side income is to play the games that range in the 200nl to 500nl. Obviously play the games your most comfortable with.

  • Sit n Go’s

Sit n go’s are a great way to build up your poker bankroll. You can choose from different formats such as heads up, 6 max, 9 person, 45 person, and 90 person tables. They also have normal speed, turbo, and hyper turbo formats you can try out. Bottom line if your a recreational player who enjoys the sit n go you will have a great time playing here.

  • Big Multi Table Tournaments

Another huge draw to playing on Ignition Poker is the overall tournament selection. They’ve recently introduced the monthly milly which is basically a million dollar tournament but they have plenty others. Those include the weekly 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, and 200k guaranteed that offer a chance at a big payout. While the tournament entry costs can get quite high you can always try satelliting in for cheap. Keep in mind that when you play in one of these they can easily run for 6-8 hours if you go deep. So be sure to have nothing important planned for the day if you decide to play in one of them.

  • Holdem & Plo

The main poker styles on the platform are no limit holdem, holdem, and plo. Most of the traffic goes to no limit holdem, but you can actually find a lot of players playing pot limit omaha as well. When playing plo the variance can be quite high, but it’s a game most aren’t as skilled at which can give you an edge if you try it out.

Rewards Program 

Ignition has a reward program depicted as reward points. You can redeem these points to collect cash rewards tournament tickets and more. All you need to do to win reward points is bet, play poker, or use the online casino. The more often you play, the more reward points you’ll earn. Earning more points gives you a higher status on the platform and the benefits that come with it. 

You will earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent in poker jackpot Sit N Go, video poker and arcade. You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on table games. You earn 3 points for each dollar spent on slot games. A dollar will give you 15 points for specialty games, poker cash games, and tournaments, and slot games.

There are six levels based on the number of points you’ve accumulated, and each level is depicted with stars. One star or starter is for those starting with 0 to less than 2500 points. Two stars or rookies have accumulated 2500 to 10,000 points. Three stars or Pros have 25,000 to 40,000 points. Four stars or All-stars have 150,000 to 500,000 points. Titanium have five stars and have accumulated 1,000,000 to 2,500,000 points. Finally, Diamond, with six stars, have up to 5,000,000 points. 

Slot Games

Hundreds of slot games are available on Ignition as well, giving you an excellent chance to cash out. The slot games give you a variety of super cars, sports, mythology, vacations, horror and more. Some slots feature mini-games, which give you multipliers and additional bonuses. Specialty games are what sets their online casino from other regular casinos. The online casino gives you access to games not usually in casinos. They also have added a live dealer option which is open for blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more. These games are actually pretty fun since your dealing with actual real people dealing to you. Just be careful and stick to a bankroll your comfortable with for anything casino related.

The video poker option offers a relaxing alternative to poker without any competition. You can also enjoy virtual sports, where the events are simulated and based on luck. In virtual sports, matches occur faster and give you better odds over the games.

Current Bonuses

They offer some of the best bonuses for new players getting started. Here they are.

  • 750 Bitcoin Bonus

Ignition Poker has a couple of popular bonuses to take advantage of. The first is the the $750 Bitcoin bonus new users can claim. They also offer you a massive Bitcoin bonus worth up to $3,750 on your first 3 deposits for you to use on all of your casino bets. The initial deposit bonus has a 25x wagering requirement and is worth up to $1,250. The other two bonuses are the same size but have 50x rollover requirements.

  • $3000 Casino Bonus

Similar to the first option you can grab a max of $3000 upon signing up to play casino games. The 25x-40x wagering requirement makes it a little more hard to clear but it’s still very possible. This is a one-time thing so if you plan on going big try and get all of it.

  • $500 Poker Bonus

Finally, Ignition has one more bonus code available for new players. The Poker Bonus Code has a maximum value of $500. So unlike casino bonuses, the poker bonus is released throughout your regular play.

As you continue to play, every 150 reward points you gather will release $5 in bonus money, so it won’t be all at once. Players earn reward points by playing; the points are calculated when you leave the table or finish playing a tournament. The bonus is released based on the reward points in the first 30 days of play. So, it’s not bad but clearly not as juicy as the first two options.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

You can deposit or withdraw on the the platform with credit cards ( visa or MasterCard), Check, Money transfer by Western Union, Rapid Transfer by MoneyGram, and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can also withdraw by direct transfer to your bank. At this point in time the preferred method is obviously via cryptocurrency since its very fast and secure. Withdrawal times are typically under 15 minutes when you go with using cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering if you could play Ignition Poker in Massachusetts we hope this helped you out. Currently Ignition is a top destination not just for poker, but also for all things casino related as well. They have well over 100 plus slot games, lots of table games, and of course video poker. As for the actual poker the big multi table tournaments like the Monthly Milly are very fun to buy into for a big score, but its the cash games that are really the way to go for consistent profits. I would recommend sticking with the 6 max cash games mainly since you can get a good edge in them if your aggressive. The same goes for pot limit omaha.

Lastly, if you find yourself on the go a lot they do offer mobile poker as an option. The good news is that it works extremely well after many updates over the years. Personally, I play on my phone around 70 percent of the time with the other 30 percent being on an actual pc. It works great for multi tabling and allows you to play while your multi tasking other errands. Whatever you decide good luck in your next session!

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