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Is Online Poker Rigged for Action?

by edward

So is online poker rigged for action? Poker itself is one of the world’s greatest pastimes. With the advent of the internet and our ever increasing ability to connect with one another, there has been an explosion in online poker activity over the past 15 years. Although legislation varies state to state there has been little to stop poker fanatics from finding games online. With so much variety and so many choices, it seems that the question of whether a particular site or app is rigged or not is inevitable. With so many hands being dealt virtually there is a greater chance of seeing hands playout online that you may see once in a lifetime in person. There is also a sharp variance in the caliber of player you will compete against online.

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The Facts

Many newer players make the mistake of playing at tables with stakes that they are not prepared to play at. They usually end up against players who are playing much deeper than them and willing to make a higher percentage of risky calls. In turn a player may come to believe that online poker is rigged for action, and that they are being cheated due to their bluffs being called in greater percentages than at their usual in person games.

A general rule of thumb is to assess an online poker site only after playing a minimum 10,000 hands. After you reach that point, you can begin to look at your data and be able to draw conclusions about the RNG, or random number generator. This will give you an idea of the overall fairness of the tables at your site of choice. Newer online players tend to make the mistake of overplaying their hands and being unwilling to lay down a “monster” hand in hard positions. What these players fail to realize is that with online poker, the number of hands being dealt per table per hour is so much higher than at live games. So the chance of two huge hands being pitted against one another is much greater than in person. Additionally, sites take the precautions of using GPS restrictions to prevent collusion among players to ensure a fair experience for all. There is a lot at stake for these poker sites. With high profile cases of cheating, super users, and collusion that have marred the online poker environment in the past they understand monitoring is essential.

Poker RNG – What Is It?

A RNG is used in online poker sites to ensure that there is an unpredictable nature to the pattern and sequence of cards being dealt. This is to ensure that there is no way that any one or group of players can come to read a pattern in the deck and gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. There are always questions that players have in regards to the authenticity of an RNG. Be sure to lookout for the various certifications that a respectable online poker site, such as Ignition Poker. It is critical to the integrity of an online poker room to have a valid and certified RNG that gives their players the confidence that there is no way they can be cheated at a table. Or that the online poker site is rigged for action.

Where To Play Right Now?

Speaking of Ignition Poker, this has been one of that fastest growing online poker platforms in the past few years. In regards to user interface, Ignition is by far one of the best that I have seen. With easy access to games, deposits, and withdrawals, new and seasoned players alike cannot ask for more. For the more experienced player the tables and MTT’s tend to be softer. Meaning you can stack quite a bankroll if you have a good grasp of what you are doing. Additionally, there is no long-term tracking of players as everyone is labeled as anonymous. So a recreational feel has been created by Ignition where deep stacked players will not be able to form complex reads on their opponents. Of course, if you fall into the latter category, you may view this as a con. Overall this contributes to a fun, exciting environment for new and experienced players alike.

Benefits To Playing Online

There are many benefits to playing online poker. The convenience of it is obvious. You can play at any time from any location, against anyone in the world. This allows for an unparalleled experience in regards to having a constant flow of opponents and games to choose from. If you are tired of playing No Limit Hold ‘Em and would like to switch over to Pot Limit Omaha, or PLO. The ease of entry into online poker is also an attractive feature. This has allowed the game to grow and reach many new players worldwide. We are also seeing a huge rise with people playing on mobile which is evolving the way we all play poker.

When playing online, visual tells are eliminated, which typically bodes well for newer players who have not mastered their body language or the ability to read others’. It can take thousands of hours of live playing to be able to begin to read your opponent’s effectively. This is a skill that some may never come to master. Online poker allows for the player to simply play their cards and track their opponents betting patterns. Which eliminates the need to take visual cues into consideration.

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Final Thoughts

So is online poker rigged for action? Come on now this is pure nonsense. Online poker sites like Ignition take player integrity and fairness seriously. Just be sure you go with a reputable online platform to ensure that you are staying protected. If anything else good luck in your next session on the virtual felt. May the poker gods bless you with big wins!

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