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How To Defend Your Big Blind In Poker Online – 6 Tips

by edward

Look, if you’re not defending your big blind then you’re likely a losing poker player. I hate to be harsh but in poker only the strong survive which is why you need to man or woman up and start protecting your blinds.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable at times but out of that discomfort will come massive growth that will allow you to put together winning poker sessions.

This applies to both live and online poker. In this article I will be going over 5 tips for how to defend your big blind effectively so that you can become a more rounded, and hopefully winning poker player.

1. Know Your Opponents

How To Defend Your Big Blind In Poker Online

The longer you sit at a poker table whether live or online you start to understand how your opponents are playing. You may notice some players just sit back and wait for big hands, while others are a bit looser and have no problem open raising from early position with queen four suited.

When you put yourself in the mind of how these players are playing you can adjust your strategy. For example, if you’re up against a tight and conservative player, you might want to play more aggressively, as they are likely to fold a lot of marginal hands to your pressure.

On the other hand, if you’re facing a loose and aggressive opponent, you’ll need to tread cautiously and look for opportunities to trap them.

2. Consider 3 Betting

How To Defend Your Big Blind In Poker Online

Three betting from the big blind is one of the most powerful and profitable plays you can make when done correctly. When the action is folded to the later position players, they will typically open raise with marginal hands.

If you’re sitting in the big blind with a marginal hand yourself, you should consider 3 betting it. For example, let’s say everyone folded around to you except the last two players. If you’re holding a hand like jack seven suited, you should consider 3 betting.

Best case scenario the other player or players fold, and worst case is someone calls, and you flop a monster. The important thing is your protecting and defending your big blind.

3. Defend With a Big Range

To defend your big blind effectively, you’ll need to widen your range of playable hands compared to other positions.

You should consider defending with hands like suited connectors, small pairs, and certain off suit hands that can still play well like jack 10 off suit. The more you play the better you will get at finding balance to defend your big blind as much as possible.

4. Consider Squeezing

How To Defend Your Big Blind In Poker Online

The squeeze play is one of my favorites and it applies to dealing with a raise and one or more callers ahead of you. It’s the ultimate form of big blind defense!

This is something that may feel a bit advanced, but if you’re sitting in the big blind with a hand like ten nine suited consider 3 betting.

What this will do is isolate the other players and get some of them to fold. Which will put you in a situation to be heads up against one other player as opposed to multiples making your hand less effective.

Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it with this one, but adding it to your bag of poker tricks is a smart idea.

5. Stack Sizes Matter

In both live and online poker looking at stack sizes is important. If you or the person you’re up against has a short stack it will change the way, you play certain hands.

For example, if you’re up against someone with a short stack who raises you from the big blind you might consider calling more often to try and hit a good flop.

On the other hand, if you’re the short stack up against a late position raiser you might consider doing an all-in shove with a mid to premium holding. Just keep in mind that knowing stack sizes in certain situations can be very beneficial.

6. Table Image

How To Defend Your Big Blind In Poker Online

After you’ve sat at a poker table for a good 45 minutes to a hour the other players will know how to perceive you. If you’ve been open raising more than usual, they will know you’re more of a loose player.

On the other hand, if you don’t play a lot of hands, they will label you as a tight aggressive player. Understanding that you and everyone else at the table has some type of table image can play a key role in how you protect your blinds.

7. Raise & 3 Bet Suited Connectors

Raising and playing suited connectors often can prove to be profitable when done correctly. When dealing with late position raisers it can be a good idea to isolate against other players and put in a 3 bet. Keep in mind every now and then you will deal with tough spots with suited connectors.

For example if your sitting in the small or big blind and an opponent decides to raise from the cut off, consider 3 betting your 67 or 56 suited. Best case is they fold and if they call you could still flop a monster while building a pretty big pot pre flop.

8. Understanding Ranges

Developing a strategy for big blind defense is something your going to have to get good at. I’ve put together a couple of charts that highlight in green when you should either 3 bet or 4 bet depending on your hand and the situation. You can see some examples of a good big blind defending range below.

There will be times when you need to use your own judgement but these charts will still be a great starting point for you to use. Just remember to stay aggressive from late position raisers especially when your sitting in the big blind.

BB Defending Range vs. CO Steal Attempt

BB Defending Range vs. BTN Steal

Top 3 Online Poker Sites

1. Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is a popular online poker site that offers a range of games, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha. It is one of the most reliable poker sites for players like you because the poker room has a good reputation for security and fast payouts.

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  • Smaller tournament selection compared to other major sites
  • Not available in all countries

2. Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker is another great place to play. Bovada poker has a solid game library and boasts a user-friendly interface. It’s very popular among US players and offers a range of bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers.

Bovada Poker prioritizes your security more than anything, which is why the poker site uses standard security protocols to keep players’ funds and personal information safe at all times. In terms of the playing experience,

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  • Limited availability in some countries
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3. BetOnline Poker

A well-established and user-friendly online poker site like BetOnline Poker is everything you need as a poker player. The poker room doesn’t only offer a wide range of games, but it also has a good reputation for fast payouts.

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  • Rewards program could be better

Final Thoughts

We hope this helps you out if you are looking for smart ways to defend your big blind in both live and online poker. Everything that happens at the poker table will be situational as nothing never happens twice.

You’re never going to have the exact same players in each game or session so things will always be different. Developing a big blind strategy for the long term is always the way to go.

But if your not constantly protecting your big blind then overtime your profits will start to dwindle. In most cases staying aggressive is the smart play to make especially from late position raisers when your in the small or big blind.

The real edge is knowing all these little things matter and can add up to a winning or losing poker session. If you get nothing else out of this just know that you need to protect your big blind most of the time to become a winning poker player long term. Good luck at the tables.

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