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Best Americas Cardroom Alternative

If your looking for the best alternative to America’s Cardroom you’ve landed in the right place. There’s no denying the allure of online poker. With the ability to play from just about anywhere at anytime, more people are jumping into games today than ever before. With the ability to play with as little or as much money as you’d like, seasoned players and rookies are able to cut their teeth alongside one another on any number of platforms. One of the most popular cardrooms at the moment is Americas Cardroom. Offering a variety of games and stakes that give millions of players around the country and world the ability to enjoy the poker games they love, there’s plenty of reasons why it is one of the top tier offerings at the moment.

Cons To Americas Cardroom

But that doesn’t mean that ACR is without its cons. Right now, 7 US states do not provide their citizens access to ACR. This includes 4 states that already license online poker. Another con is that ACR does not have many options for casino gambling outside of its poker options. If you’re just looking to play poker, ACR has what you need, but for anyone that wants to venture out and play slots or other forms of gambling, roadblocks may exist. ACR has also had to overcome its questionable past when it comes to superusers and bots on their platform. While it does appear that they have taken care of this issue for the most part, there is still concern from players that superusers are still rampant on their site. It may be worth checking out a few other options that have as just as much credibility, but do not possess these same drawbacks. Let’s take a look at a couple.

Alternative 1. Ignition Poker

If you’re looking for one of the top providers of online poker rooms, Ignition Poker has been providing its users with one of the best online poker experiences in the world. Catering to both the newer player as well as providing great tables that will attract those with a bit more playing time under their belt, Ignition consistently stands out as an industry leader.

Games Offered

Ignition Poker allows users to choose from three different types of games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha hi-lo. Users who like to play cash games, tournaments, or a combination of both will all find many different tables and opportunities to play the types of games they enjoy. Fixed limit, pot limit, and no-limit games are all popular on the site.

Cash games start at blinds of .05/.10 and move all the way up to $30/60 while tournaments and sit-and-goes begin at .55 and move up to $540, offering quite a variety of options for all players.


Ignition is able to operate with Windows, Android, and Mac/iOS. What this means is that players can play not just from their laptops and desktops, but from their mobile devices as well. Mobile users can play in cash games but cannot gain access to tournaments or sit-and-goes. Ignition also offers a version of its software that allows players to play in special tournaments or tables without downloading anything at all. Their software also randomly seats users at tables and assigns players “names” by seat number as opposed to allowing for the creation of a screen name.

Bonus Offerings

Ignition is currently offering up to $1000 in free cash by matching your first deposit 100%. As long as you play within 30 days of depositing, you’ll be able to collect that cash. Each raked hand off cash poker played will contribute to that bonus.

Cashing Out

Players at Ignition cash use three different options to cash out, depending on what is most convenient for them. Players can request a check up to $3000 with a $50 dollars service fee. Players can expect the check to arrive in roughly one week. A wire transfer is another option that can be utilized up to $9500 with the same $50 fee. This will take roughly two weeks. Then there is the increasingly popular bitcoin option that players can utilize up to $9500 with no fee. Those transactions will typically take a day or less to make it through the blockchain and enter a players wallet.

Alternative 2. Bovada Poker

Bovada has quickly become one of the most consistently top-rated options for online poker players. Where other options have been entrenched in scandal and cheating accusations both past and present, Bovada has had no such issues and offers a wide variety of game options to satisfy poker players from beginner to seasoned. Bovada attracts poker players from around the United States who are looking to learn the games or looking for another avenue to play cards while many live games have been forced to stop amidst the pandemic. Regardless of skill level or familiarity with online poker, Bovada Poker makes it easy for everyone to access and play their games with comfort and confidence.

Games Offered

Bovada offers a great selection of online cash game and tournament options. Texas Hold’em is the most popular online poker game and Bovada offers no limit and fixed limit games where you can buy-in for as little as $.50. In addition to their Hold’em offerings, Bovada offers Pot Limit, Fixed Limit, and No Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. For those who are more experienced with poker, Bovada currently offers standard four card Omaha and not the five card or six card varieties at the moment. Aside from the vast array of cash tables, both anonymous and standard, Bovada has perhaps the best tournament schedule of any online poker platform in operation.

Poker Software Used

Bovada uses only the most trusted software in the industry to ensure player equity, fairness, and random card dealings. The current software in use is RTG, BetSoft, Rival Gaming, and Bodog (Proprietary).

Bonus Offerings

Bovada is currently offering up to 100% cash back up to $500, which amounts to about 30% rake back.

Cashing Out

The fastest and most efficient means of withdrawing your earnings is either through bitcoin or bitcoin cash. With those methods you can withdraw a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $9500 per transaction. Those transactions will take somewhere between 15 minutes to an hour but depends on the speed at which the transaction can pass through the blockchain. Luckily, there are no fees on Bovada’s end for using this method and you can make a transaction every day. If you are looking for another option, you can request a courier check or player voucher.

A courier check carries a minimum withdrawal of $100 and a maximum of $3000, takes 10-15 days to be delivered and you may request 1 every week. You will receive one free non-bitcoin withdrawal every 90 days but will have to pay $100 for each transaction that is not made via bitcoin within those 90 days. The player voucher carries similar rules to the bitcoin methods with the minimum only being $10 (maximum is $3000) and will take 15 minutes to an hour to arrive. There are no limits to how many vouchers you can request and no fees.

Final Thoughts

With so many great options out there for online poker players, finding a reputable gaming platform is not too difficult. What is most important is finding an option that you feel most comfortable with, has a layout that works for you and makes playing easy, and offers the games you want to play. When it comes time to withdraw, ensuring that the options available work for you and your situation is also an absolute must. One of the most important aspects of online poker is being comfortable, and when considering where to play, gaining all the information you can about the platform is key! If your ready to hit the virtual felt click here.

Ignition $1000 Poker Bonus


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