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How To Play Ace Jack Suited – It Can Be Tricky

When it comes to learning how to play ace jack suited correctly it can be a bit tricky. It’s not exactly the strongest hand to get, but when its suited it can be hard to fold. This is especially true if your dealing with a big raise situation pre-flop. Well I was actually in that exact situation in the hand we will be going over. I was playing a 5-10 no limit session on Ignition which is pretty high stakes. I got my self into an all in situation on the flop so things got pretty exciting!


When ace jack is suited you should always put a raise in pre-flop. Typically I like to raise 3x whatever the big blind is. If someone is raising in front of you just calling is fine. If your dealing with a 3 bet re raise situation you may be tempted to fold, but its not always the right play. Sometimes you will have to go with your gut.


Since we have decided to play this hand were looking for some kind of flush draw. Hitting a straight with ace jack is also nice, but it doesn’t happen that often. Best case scenario is that we get two of the same suit on the flop, and can out play the opposition.

Calling or Folding

Learning how to play ace jack suited correctly will highly depend on the texture of the flop. For example if you blank on everything its basically an instant fold. If however you hit a pair of jacks, aces, or a flush possibility you have to make a decision. For me on this hand I made the decision to put max pressure on my two opponents. Since both of them checked I decided to shove all in with my flush draw. Oh yes I not only shoved but hit my flush on the river! Grabbing a cool $1000 in the process. It was a thing of beauty.


Like the title of this article says, how to play ace jack suited can be a bit tricky. For me personally I always like to take this hand to the flop despite any raises I might be dealing with pre-flop. Ace suited type hands are always good to see flops with. Fortunately for me this one worked out in my favor. On a side note if your currently for a reputable place to play poker online we highly recommend Ignition Poker. You can grab a generous first time deposit bonus by clicking here.

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